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Best of the Wurst 2020: The Top Films of the Year

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In most years, I have to go to the cinema about 70 times and, including home viewing, watch and watch hundreds of new movies between January and December. In 2020, I went to the theater 14 times in total. 

I have been an advocate for the cinema throughout my life, and I firmly believe that we need to continue this tradition throughout my life. why? Because we are social people, we need to interact and watch movies so that we can laugh, scream and cry together. This is an interactive way to experience the delivery, contemplation and even magic of film art. For most years, this argument is easy to put forward, but 2020 is another matter. 

Now, due to widespread concerns about the safety of social interactions, many people choose to abandon and turn to streaming media as the only means of absorbing movies. I suspect that even if physical cinemas continue to develop in this holding mode or in an uncertain state, in the future, there will always be people who hope to make a comeback again, just as we long for concerts and community theaters. The desire for the cinema experience is inspiring, and the efforts of our local theater to keep the show going is also inspiring. As we enter the new year, hopeful but frustrated, here are the ten best movies I have seen in 2020.

: Christopher Nolan's vibrant, innovative thriller is my most fascinating movie in 2020. moment. It is the center of the debate about whether we should or should not go to the theater in mid-2020, which is unfair (this is the first major movie after the spread of the coronavirus, although dozens of others have played it before and after). When the character (literally) moves back and forth at the same time, some things are confused by Nolan's event string. On the first watch, this was deliberately confused, but with each viewing, the intricate story became more and more abundant. Under the leadership of conductor John David Washington, the fusion of Ian Fleming and HG Wells provides us with the 007 sci-fi epic we never thought we wanted . As an escape from reality, this is the craziest thing I have seen all year round, but as a pure cinema, there is a magical power commensurate with Nolan’s past glory. (


: Writer/director Aaron Sorkin's historical court thriller has returned to his early glory: "The Good Man." This is a retelling of the 1968 trial. Seven of them were arrested for protests at the Democratic National Convention in 1968, but there were no dull moments. Every performance is crackling-outstanding personalities include Frank Langella, Sascha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Michael Keaton (Michael Keaton) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Even if you know the outcome of the case, the suspense will never stop. The relevance provided by the trial results has only strengthened over time. (


: The shocking Australian horror film shot by Natalie Erika James explores difficult material (feeling helpless when we look at the age of our parents) and throws in shocking horror, Compassion and surprising tenderness. Emily Mortimer (Emily Mortimer), Robin Nevin (Robin Nevin) and Bella Heathcote (Bella Heathcote) (all superb) represented the troubled family Three generations. The thoughtful beginning was based on the logic of Lewis Carrol's dreams, and finally reached breathtaking results, which is like anything I have never seen this year, and it is undeniably moving. (

: It is a perfect metaphor for modern male predators, who can track, harass and wander through anonymity. Indeed, the biggest weapon these monsters have is the ability to remain invisible. Leigh Whannel's novel style is driven by Elisabeth Moss's disturbing transformation as a survivor of abuse, and she firmly believes that her late boyfriend is still with her and will not let her go. (

: This is a film for everyone on both sides of the camera. This amazing miracle has the confidence, professionalism and ambition expected in David Fincher’s movies. A dialogue-driven sci-fi thriller (thinking that "before sunrise" meets "intimate contact"), about a UFO discovered on the night of a basketball game in the 1950s. A DJ covers him as he chases flying saucers throughout the town. This is the first appearance of Major League Baseball, full of surprising photographic effects, natural performances and unexpected twists and turns. (

: Spike made the last concert movie and confrontation classic movie in the same year in 2000 ("The Original King of Comedy" and "Bamboozled" are both great). In any other year, I would put Lee's influential "Da 5 Bloods" (on Netflix) in this position, but his dynamic, fashion handling of Byrne's shocking Broadway show is the most exciting ever One of the popular concert movies. Cover of the unforgettable Janelle Monae song by Byrne. (

: This year Hawaii has a lot of great, independently produced TV series, but I like Mitchel Viernes's visionary and moving "Water Like Fire". A big turn led by Randall Gallius Jr. made him an addict, stumbled during his life, and turned to empathize with his sister (Taiana Tully) to survive. This exploration of grief shows superb film craftsmanship and compassion for those in need. (

This documentary by Nicole Newnham and James Lebrecht is an early word of mouth that appeared at the Sundance Film Festival and is an incredible true story. Witnessing how to live in a summer camp for disabled youth run by hippies in 1971, turning some campers into political activists, this is one of the most exciting movie experiences of the year. This will become the ideal dual feature of the "Chicago 7 Trials". You can watch the full feature on the Netflix YouTube channel as follows:


: Writer/director Kitty Green’s feature film premiere depicts an assistant (Julia Garner, excellent) working in the office of an influential film executive This is really a painful day. If it sounds like Green (almost) fictitiously describes what it feels like to work for Harvey Weinstein at Miramax, it's because she did it. This quiet and insightful drama is a window to understand why this toxic environment can exist for so long. (

: We've seen this setting before, because on a road trip, when the driver won't stop following the woman who cut it off on the interstate, it can be frightening. It’s amazing how the evil and unpredictable thriller of director John Hyams makes its characters like real people, throwing in an unshakable credibility and uninterrupted psychological tension . (


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