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These jute and seagrass works provide the perfect floor filler for rooms in neutral and earth tones

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The trend of organic textures, earthy tones and handmade products in home decor is on the rise, when it comes to your floor space, the best natural rugs will add warmth and character to any area.

Natural carpets (such as jute and seaweed) are not only a relaxing way to add a modern and rustic feel to your interior, but they are also a practical option.

Jute fiber has natural antistatic, insulation and humidity control properties, and can be used to protect wooden floors.

It is also a highly durable, flexible material, making it ideal for areas with heavy traffic, such as living rooms, and a huge investment.

In addition, natural carpets are very suitable for today's ecologically conscious consumers. Jute in particular is a highly sustainable and rapidly renewable resource that relies on rainfall rather than consuming large amounts of irrigation systems to make it mature.

The plant grows very fast and does not need to add harmful chemical pesticides. It also improves the fertility of the soil, can be used for future crops, and is a recyclable material. Well, a bit of a hero product.

As a natural material, the form of jute carpet may be slightly different, so there are many factors to consider when buying: the thickness of the woven fabric you are looking for; the softness of the foot; the colors intertwined through it; and whether you want More rustic or refined appearance.

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Taking all these factors into consideration, we have prepared the best natural carpets for you to fit all your budgets and bring a vibrant bohemian style to your house.

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200 x 300 cm

If you are a fan of natural rugs, you will undoubtedly have heard of Lohals rugs from IKEA. If you have been discussing whether to buy this jute rug for some time, we can happily suggest that you snap it up. quickly. Why do we love it so much? Its soles are soft and wear-resistant. After occupying a place in a busy living room for three weeks, the carpet showed no signs of fraying and became soft (if any). As time goes by, it presents a lively but not shabby appearance. And what about a large-size product of £80? Good deal.

D180 cm

This hollow round natural rug brings a bohemian feel to your house. Combine it with colorful floral print cushions, wooden furniture and metal decorative pieces to bring a luxurious bohemian style comparable to Californian cool cushions. We found that this kind of carpet is well-made, although it is a bit thinner compared to other carpets, and the price is reasonable.

This large woven jute rug is ideal for placing under a sofa, bed or dining table. Comfortable but practical, it is durable, easy to wander, and looks stylish-the holy grail of carpets. We especially like the way it interweaves with black, which has a slightly different appearance from the all-natural tone version, and the country basket weave design is always popular and lasts forever.

91 x 152 cm

This smart natural jute rug is the only rug in this list that is interwoven with wool. It has excellent comfort, elasticity and comfort. We found that it is a bit thicker than many other carpets. Although this adds a luxurious and luxurious feel, it does attract attention from the ground, so it is a fashion factor to consider whether you want the carpet to be seamlessly integrated into the floor. The carpet provides high-quality ribbed loop wool, loop pile and jute yarns, which are handmade by skilled weavers using traditional techniques on the loom. Not only is it a lovely handmade product, but it is also certified by GoodWeave, which means it also helps support fairer working conditions.

152 x 244 cm

This is a choice for consumers who pay attention to society and ecology. It is similar to the Loire carpet produced by IKEA, but the price is slightly higher. But to get a higher price and profit, you need to buy products that have been certified by the Nest standard. Nest is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of women outside the factory and maintaining important cultural traditions around the world. This special carpet is handmade from jute in southern India. It is durable and soft, but easy to keep clean and does not accentuate dirt. At first we noticed a bit of fiber shedding, but under regular vacuuming, it dissipated for more than a month.

This natural seagrass carpet is slightly wild, perfect for adding a rustic and chic feel to your home. Although seaweed is not as comfortable as jute-it has a harder feel-it is also very resilient and practical. It is ideal for durable fibers to protect your floors while creating a stylish look. It is ideal for nautical or bohemian-style rooms. It's not as easy to wander around as a flat jute carpet, but we like its earthy texture and return to its natural texture.

160 x 230 cm

Since jute rugs are handmade from natural fibers, they usually look primitive. However, we like how this rug is woven into ever-decreasing rectangles to give it a luxurious feel. The overall effect is both dexterous and informal, and adds a relaxed appearance without being overly rustic. In addition, we found that the quality is high. Over time, it becomes softer, easy to clean and very hard-wearing.

John Lewis & Partners is known for its high-quality products and is not disappointed with this lovely round jute rug. It has attractive tones and dark braided threads. The classic style can perfectly match any house with a neutral theme. The size is right, the price is reasonable and the craftsmanship is exquisite.

200 x 290 cm

This may be a coarsely woven carpet, but it has a slender shape and fits well on the floor (no upturned corners or unsightly bumps). Its tone runs through it, rust and black tones are intricately woven on the fuselage, and the appearance is slightly different. The price is reasonable because it is larger in size, and like most other options on the list, if you want to reduce the size and don't want to spend too much money, you can choose a different size.

D133 cm

It is not necessarily the first place you might think of buying a house carpet. This jute circle number has been well received on the Internet, and there is a good reason. It is well made, powerful, very soft, and reasonably priced. It is smaller than some other rugs and cannot be provided in other sizes, so if you are looking for a statement of personality, then a large piece may not suit you. However, it is an ideal rug for the foot of the bed or in the small kitchen.

100 x 150 cm

Another small but perfect choice is this jute carpet from Carpetright. We found that it is a very original version, and its fibers are looser and more scattered than some other alternative products. However, if you are after a truly rustic look, this may be a plus. It is ideal for small dining spaces, living rooms or kitchens, and can add an organic feel to an otherwise more modern room.

120 x 180 cm

If you want real luxury (if your wallet feels full), you can use The White Company's beautiful woven jute rug. The smallest size starts at £325, making it the most expensive option on the list. However, it feels soft and looks dexterous, and the braided surface provides a more polished and refined feel. For any elegant neutral themed space, it will be the perfect finish.

If you have spent thousands of dollars to renovate your house and your carpet budget has been reduced, you can’t go wrong with reliability and fashion

. It is very suitable for any interior decoration, adding a warm texture to the modern home, and adding more charm to the character characteristics, while being durable and comfortable. If there is a little left in your pot,

It is a great choice for a slightly refined rustic aesthetic.

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