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Best exercise mats 2021: Upgrade your home workouts with these gym mats | Expert Reviews

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If you want to exercise at home, you need an exercise mat. This can protect you from cold and hard floors, and it can also protect the floor from your injuries, avoid sweating due to accidentally falling heavy objects and reduce impact.

Below, you will find a series of mats suitable for all purposes, whether you want to use heavy-duty mats to complete a home gym with heavy weight and cardio equipment, or looking for lightweight portable mats. First, let's take a look at what you need to know when buying an exercise mat.

If you plan to use the mat for body weight exercise in home exercises, then a thin and light mat will provide you with a good service. If you are going to use free weights, then it is worth using something thicker to protect the floor from load-bearing – if you want to place the mat under a treadmill or other cardio machine, you need a larger mat to safely bear the weight .

For most people, a simple mat is the best choice. You can roll it up and pack it up after use, but if you have a home gym, you may need to permanently fix the interlockable mat in place. Cover the entire floor.

If you are primarily buying a yoga mat, you may need a larger surface and gripping mat so that it will not loosen when posing, especially when you consider sweaty hot yoga.

Thicker cushions are more comfortable and protect the floor more effectively, but they are heavier and less portable. If you want to roll up the cushion and carry it with you, the thinner the cushion, the better. The minimum thickness is about 4mm, but usually anything less than 10mm in thickness can be rolled up easily. Otherwise, you are mainly looking at thick cushions that will stay in place in most cases.

When it comes to surface size, most mats are about 60-70 cm wide, but the length can vary greatly, especially when it comes to yoga mats. The smaller cushions are about 170 cm long, which makes them more portable, but may be too short for taller users, who want cushions longer than 180 cm.

The material from which the cushion is made is another key feature, the most comfortable of which is PVC because it is comfortable, durable and easy to clean. Other common materials include TPE and rubber, and many brands now emphasize the use of environmentally friendly materials in cushions, such as sustainably sourced rubber or jute.

A non-slip surface is often useful, and it is also convenient if the underside of the mat grips the floor well, so it will not move around during exercise.

Portability is also important. Many cushions come with integrated straps that can be placed in a roll and can be used to cushion them on the shoulders. Some thicker options can be folded instead of rolled up. Although not as easy to transport as small rolls, it does allow you to use thicker mats outdoors or in the gym if you prefer.

Another feature you can look for on a yoga mat is a pattern that can help you align your limbs during poses. Even if it is just a straight line along the length of the mat, for example, this is very useful for placing the feet in the correct position in the pose of two fighters.

The price of a solid budget sports mat is between £5 and £10, and the best retail price for a mat that can provide multiple functions without spending a lot of money is between £20 and £40. Beyond this price point, you will find very durable mats for protecting floors, as well as more versatile yoga mats made of environmentally friendly materials.

£8 |

This lightweight mat is very suitable for exercise, yoga and Pilates. It is large enough for most people, measuring only 173 x 61 cm, and it is small enough even if the thickness is only 4 mm. If you want a more comfortable feeling, you can find thicker cushions below, but on the hardest floors, any cushion other than this will suffice, and this thin design means it can be rolled into a compact The bundles are packed in bags.

173 x 61cm;

40 mm;


£28 |

Considering how big and thick this cushion is, the fact that it rolls up so neatly is impressive. The surface of the mat is 183 cm long and 61 cm wide, enough to accommodate taller users. Its thickness is 10 mm, so there is enough cushioning on any surface for exercise.

When rolled up, the cushion’s integrated shoulder strap is also easy to carry. The underside has a ridged texture to increase grip, so the mat will not move under you during exercise, and the wipeable surface means it is easy to keep clean even after sweating.

183 x 61cm;

10 mm;

NBR foam

£3 |

The surface area of ​​the Nyamba Fitness 140 mat is small, only 140 x 50cm, but because its 6.5mm thickness provides considerable cushioning, short people looking for a bargain will be able to meet their needs well. The striped underside of the mat grips well on most surfaces, but the top surface is not the best choice for providing traction during sweaty workouts, so covering it with a towel may help in this case.

140 x 50 cm;

6.5 mm;

Foamed polyethylene

From £31 |

JTX sells a series of excellent fitness equipment, so it also makes sense to place a series of excellent mats under these machines to protect your floor. Aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes are heavy. For obvious reasons, the area around them is prone to squirting a lot of sweat. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy mats that match the machines.

JTX floor mats are available in five sizes, from a small mat of 120 x 80cm to a large mat of 250cm x 80cm. JTX also provides information about the machines that are suitable for each mat. Even if you don't own the JTX equipment, you can roughly match the machine with one of the equipment in the list, so you know which mat you want to get.

120 x 80cm (small cushion);

6 mm;


£28 |

This is the thickest sponge mat, with a thickness of 40mm, which is especially suitable for home gymnastics during exercise and yoga. Rolling a 40mm thick cushion is impractical, so Mirafit uses a folding design to make the cushion lighter.

When folded into three parts (60 x 60 x 12 cm), it is still a fairly large tool bag, but the integrated handle allows you to carry it easily. The mat comes in blue, orange or pink, and the PVC material can be wiped to keep it clean after exercise.

180 x 60 cm;

£45 |

These interlockable tiles are perfect for covering floors in home exercise areas, and although we think the puzzle design is the best choice to ensure a safe fit, straight edge tiles are also available for the same price if you wish.

Straight-edge bricks have two thicknesses-8mm or 15mm-so if you use heavy objects or heavy aerobic exercise equipment, you can get an extra layer of protection, while interlocking bricks only have a thickness of 8mm. The tiles are made of durable rubber, which can withstand years of exercise without wear and tear, and can wipe the waterproof surface.

100 x 100 cm;

8mm or 15mm;

£21 |

If you are looking for a dedicated yoga mat, it is worth visiting our

There are many options, but the best all-round option is the Yoga-Mad Warrior Plus yoga mat, which provides you with everything you need to enter the practice process, and it is expensive.

The mat has a spacious surface area of ​​183 x 61cm, and the thickness of 6mm provides enough comfort, even dynamic yoga exercises. Although Warrior Plus is thicker than many yoga mats, it weighs only 1.6 kg and can be neatly rolled up and taken to the studio.

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