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7 New Treehouse Hotels to Add to Your Travel Wishlist

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Sweden may be the hometown of primitive countries in the world

, But neighbouring Denmark is rapidly gaining popularity.

Three treetop huts were recently opened in Als Odde and Mariager Fjord near the woods of North Jutland. Each row house is located 20 to 26 feet above the ground, and a tree shoots out from its living room. Designed by architect Sigurd Larsen, the cabin is the embodiment of Nordic minimalism-minimalist furniture, simple kitchen, bed covered with organic linens and natural light pouring in from high windows. Every morning, you can enjoy a simple breakfast (including freshly baked crispbread and apple juice from the local orchard), and then stroll through the dappled sunny forest. This is a fairy-tale green space full of towering oak trees, beech trees, Pine and spruce.

77 acres

During the pandemic, residents of Amish Country, Ohio, were busy adding new tree houses to the environmentally sustainable collection. As the name suggests,

(Pictured) you can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding woods. The contemporary interiors with marble countertops and gleaming tiled bathtubs attract comfortable hounds, while country-style decorations (such as outdoor showers, picnic tables and fire pits) attract real blue campers. Another compelling new feature is

, A 31-foot old Airstream trailer lifted 25 feet to the top of the tree. The converted caravan incorporated recyclable barn siding into its original aluminum frame, with indoor and outdoor showers and saunas.

If you are traveling on the West Coast, check out Mohicans’ sister property, the new 500 square feet

, Among the whitefish in Oregon. Located on 14 private acres of land, only 75 minutes away from the hotel

, It has an incredible 18-foot-long windows that can accommodate all the greenery of the Columbia River Gorge.

15 eco-luxury tree house hotels in

It is located in the 180 million-year-old Daintree rainforest, which is the oldest existing rainforest on earth and is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This tropical hotel opened in September last year and has a private waterfall, swimming hole, mottled water lily lagoon and multiple hiking trails. Banyan trees are nested at different heights throughout the jungle, and each banyan tree has its own shielded balcony and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. No TV or Wi-Fi, just come here

Remember, it is integrated with nature, but other creatures abound, including air conditioners and toiletries with spa functions provided by LaGaia Unedited.

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In January, it was built on stilts to minimize the impact on the fragile floodplain. In addition to the glass-bottom boat trip, one of Xigera's more unique products is to spend the night in its three-story solar-powered building

, Perches 33 feet above the delta. The building was inspired by an old Baobab tree painting by South African artist Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef, combined with cantilevered steel supports designed to rust over time, and blended into the cocoa-colored landscape. A spiral staircase rises from the "trunk" of the tree house and takes guests to the luxurious bedroom, bathroom and dining area, while the open-air bed on the top deck invites them to watch wildlife during the day and meteors at night.

Hijra is not the only safari destination to introduce off-grid tree houses. AndBeyond

Built three miles away


On its 36,324 acres of land

In Kruger National Park. On the fourth floor, the structure surrounding the bushes invites travelers to drink at sunset on the roof deck, and then come back after dark, reveling in the gleaming universe. Sleep or shower outdoors, or stick to the mesh-enclosed bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Either way, you can enjoy the uninterrupted view of the bushes from all directions.

Starting at USD 556 per night, only available when booking for one night or more at andBeyond Ngala Safari Lodge or Ngala Tented Camp;

There are five woodland residences to choose from

, Each has its own theme. This

There is a huge American sycamore on the deck, its crispy wood-burning stove and copper soaking bathtub on the terrace are perfect for couples. This

It is a paradise for upcyler, a paradise formed by exposed copper pipes, corrugated sheet metal and old-fashioned doors that have been renovated into wall panels. The welcome pack at the Lanrick Farm Store includes bread, milk, eggs, butter and jam, and each tree house is equipped with a Weber that can be grilled outdoors. Although Lanrick is only 5 minutes from the Trossachs National Park, which is famous for fishing and mountain biking, it is only an hour or less from Glasgow and Glasgow.

-This makes it easy to escape on weekends.

The pandemic has delayed the opening of whimsical new drugs

On the northern islands of Okinawa, but the wait is worth it. These well-designed solar power dens seamlessly integrate with the lush natural environment. The first tree house to add color to this land was installed on a tree and built on the edge of the Genka River. Others are still under construction, but are scheduled to be unveiled this spring. Many outstanding design elements of the tree wall house include wall-to-wall windows, yoga boards, spiral staircases and hammock swings. It is also worth noting that the father and daughter team behind the project is working hard to give back to the Okinawa community, clean up concrete waste, and rebuild a century-old waterwheel near Shizogumui Falls.

The canopy view from Ohio to Okinawa.

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