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7 best blackout curtains of 2021, according to experts

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Blackout curtains are an invaluable investment for anyone who wants to sleep uninterrupted in the morning. These curtains not only prevent direct sunlight, but can also block up to 99% of the light, keep the room dark and protect from the brightness of the day, allowing you to take a nap.

Generally, blackout curtains are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, home theaters, or any room in the house where you want to limit natural light exposure. The term blackout curtains generally refers to curtains made from a two-thread tightly woven fabric designed to completely block light, explains Beth Halpern Brown.

, An Atlanta-based interior designer and home decorator. However, in addition to avoiding the morning sun, there are other benefits, including:

Brown explained that the reason for creating a "perfect" blackout curtain for your room depends on a variety of factors, including its fabric, required maintenance, style and price. She said: "It is important to consider how to use these curtains and where they are located in the home to evaluate which curtains are best for you and which are meaningful for your long-term lifestyle."

However, it is also important to read the fine print before making the final purchase to avoid potential disappointment. "Please make sure you see the'power outage' in the description, not the darkening or filtering of the room," Susan Peters said.

. "The other two options may not block the light in the room."

Blackout curtains have a variety of decorative styles, including:

"Ring curtains are more user-friendly. If you want curtains with blackout linings, you may open and close them every day," said Pamela O'Brien, an interior designer

. “Pole pockets and grommets are more difficult to open and close, while the loops tend to slide along the poles.” She also pointed out that if a blackout lining is used, the curtains will be heavy, so sewing or at least securing the loop works best.

The owner and chief designer of blackout curtains, Lesley Myrick, explained that blackout curtains work best when they minimize light leakage.

And the former project manager of the haute couture workshop. She said: “Therefore, when the curtains are closed, the width of the curtains is larger than the window, and the window is also taller.” “The extra coverage beyond the actual window glass will help create a real sense of power outage.”

Myrick pointed out that although some curtain panels are made of blackout fabrics, she found that the best effect is curtains with built-in blackout curtains. She said: “Because the shade lining curtains are made of more fabric, they are heavier-which means that the proper hardware to support the weight is essential.”

However, you can also choose to purchase a specially manufactured liner to completely block the light. Brown added: "This is done by applying a layer of coating on the fabric and blocking the small holes in the weave." "This material is very thick and can provide insulation, block noise and provide maximum privacy. Sex."

There are many styles and prices of blackout curtains to choose from on the market. The experts we consulted recommended some products that excel in quality, performance and style.

These simple 100% polyester curtains with pole pockets come in three different sizes and can be hung individually or layered behind more festive materials to make them non-luminous. Sometimes, you just need a simple, effective, tried and true choice, Brown explained. She said: "This choice satisfies all your needs for beautifully designed blackout curtains that are still reasonably priced." This thick, overhanging curtain can block light, absorb noise, and provide insulation and protection from the cold. By blocking sunlight, it can also protect curtains, carpets and furniture from fading. "

These 100% polyester blackout curtains are made of three layers of woven fabric, and have two panels and 1.5-inch grommet gaskets instead of hard linings. They are also machine washable, with Velcro straps to pull them back, and are produced in Oeko-TEX standard factory. Brown said: "This is a super economical option that can be shipped quickly and has a variety of colors and patterns." "Considering the type of fabric, they can block outside noise well and isolate for energy efficiency. Room." In addition, because of the reasonable price and the variety of styles, she pointed out that they are ideal for rooms that change frequently (such as children's rooms, playrooms or rental rooms).

For buyers who want to spend more on curtains and curtains, Brown explained:

A great resource for customizing the exact type of blackout curtains for any room in your home. She said: "With eight fabric styles and more than 650 fabrics, you can basically create any type of blackout curtain." However, "Given the focus on customization, The Shade Store will be more expensive than your ordinary household goods or large retail The price of the merchant is even higher."

These woven cotton canvas curtains with exquisite golden studs and pole pockets give your room an avant-garde feel. They only require dry cleaning and can be used alone or in two (a set) and three colors. "These inlaid blackout curtains are very fashionable," Myrick said. "They will bring a little polish to the room."

Peters agrees

The combination of quality and design details. She said: "Don't let the "teenage" part fool you, this curtain is suitable for people of all ages. "Porter Barn has made some amazing blackout curtains across the board. "

According to the brand, these insulated curtains will block up to 99% of the light in your bedroom. These anti-crease blackout curtains come in 24 fade-resistant colors and 10 sizes. Each package has two panels to accommodate windows of various styles and sizes. In addition, more than 60,300 reviewers on Amazon rated these machine washable curtains with an average rating of 4.7 stars.

Many experts we consulted agreed that Pottery Barn Kids offers cute blackout curtain options for kindergartens or children's rooms. Peters said: "By selling unique and fashionable curtains in various colors, they really set a very high standard for the style of blackout curtains." One of her favorites is that this cotton woven curtain is four-in-one. Top handle, so you can choose from pole pockets, belt loops, clip loops or cloth loops according to your appearance. "Ruffles add some beautiful details to the bottom of these girly curtains." However, if you want more gender-neutral content, you can also use them in the following ways:

An innovative way to bring functionality and unique style to windows is to use blackout curtains under regular curtains. Peters said: "With this feature, you can buy any curtains that suit your style and pair them with blackout curtains or blackout curtains." According to the brand, this insulated blackout lining has two panels and a drapery. The ring is machine washable and can block up to 99% of the light.

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