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In the 250SX category, Monster Energy / Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s

Won his

The major event of his career won at Daytona International Speedway and became

The driver won his first victory on the field. In McAdoo

After the main event started, he became

Different drivers have won major events in the 125/250SX class, and

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki driver wins in final race

Years, following

(2019) and first-time winner


Since 2010, this is

A year where Kawasaki led 1-1 in both the 250SX and 450SX main events:


(250SX) and



2019 year


Year 2014:

year 2011:

year 2010:

This victory also gave McAdoo a lead of 250SSX points in the western region.

. Other results to note are

, He led only eight laps in his second AMA Supercross Main Event, and then won the first place of his career and finished runner-up. Behind him is

, Who won his

The ACL tear prevented him from riding a bike for four and a half months. This was his first podium finish this season.

FXR / Chaparral Honda Racing

Won third place in the first 9 laps of the main event, and then finally retreated to 9th place. Oh, before his outstanding performance in the main event, Shock did this in the Heat!


let them

The major events of his career, ranked 13th and 17th respectively. After being slammed on the first lap of the warm-up match,

Spent a difficult night. In his wrestling competition, he finished 21st in the main event.

In the 450SX category, for

One week in a row

Participated in one of the 450SX's hot races, and the other took part in the new rider.


, with

All have won their

In the past three weeks, the Heat won the 2021 game. Roczen has taken

So far this season, the Heat have won the game (ahead of the class), and only two drivers have won two points or more. here has

In the first nine rounds of competition to win the 450SX category hot championship:

| 7 warm-up matches

| 3

| 2

| 1

Good news

: He won three consecutive victories. But the bad news is that Wilson won three games and this is the last one.

LCQ competition. Wilson continued to win the tenth best of the season in the main event. In the 700th 450SX Main Event in history,

Took his

The main event champion of the season (the 36th game of his 450SX career). His victory made him and

Fight for the top championship ever

piece. Since 2010, Kawasaki

The first class main event is at Daytona International Speedway (

: 4, and

: 5). Webber finished second after passing the last lap

. The podium is Weber's

Season (

A member of 450SX’s career) and Plessinger (Plessinger) ranked third, claiming his

450SX podium.

"Daytona is an interesting game! Obviously, the tracking is always technical. The dirt is super black, and the lighting is much more difficult than when we play in a normal stadium. In the main event, I started well, but Was pushed away and retreated a bit. I really had to take an aggressive attitude early on and take some actions to move forward. I made a small mistake towards the end of the game,

I got it. I had to pass him again, I tried to charge forward, but unfortunately we couldn't make it to the podium. I feel that I am riding very well and we are in a good position. We still have red boards, and most importantly, we are safe and happy. I can't wait to go to Arlington and make the same effort, just a little bit of training, and see where we are. "

Ken stated that he was ready for qualifying because he first qualified and won the warm-up match. He was in good form at the start of the main event, but unfortunately, another driver pushed him away, causing him to withdraw from the centre back. He tried his best to narrow the distance with the leader and posted the fastest laps of all drivers. His hard-won fourth place result is a far cry from his goal of being on the podium. "

"Tonight proves that the hard work of my guys in the past two weeks has paid off. My drivers have been training hard and we worked hard to reach a goal. I think tonight does show that we have done it. Aaron It’s really unbelievable all day, and then he performed well in both races, showing that he can do it. As I say every week, the most important part is that we have to start better. In the end, we have a better start. If you start from the beginning, it’s much easier to get there and end there. All three of my guys are riding very well. We will continue to work hard, continue to work hard to maintain our position, to lead Fight for the podium."

It is said that Monster Energy / Star Yamaha Racing 450 team manager Jeremy Coker:

"Daytona was a difficult day. I was struggling a bit on the track, trying to find a comfortable place, unfortunately this did not happen. I am going back to California this week to do some work and become more comfortable so that we can enter Germany. Texas and smash it. I am definitely not satisfied with the result today, so I want to pass this, move on and regroup next week to swing in the next three games. I am looking forward to it."

"My night was mediocre everywhere. I was P7 in qualifying today. In the Heat match, I fell at the first turn and rose to eighth. That gate position did not make me a major player. Good place, but I rose to seventh place. This is my final position."

"My first game back to Daytona was generally a difficult day. I fell in the first practice, and in the second practice I tried a wall jump, but on the next jump surface Hard landing. I drilled a hole in my lip and tore my teeth hard, which was really frustrating. The warm-up was okay; I had a good start, but I was trapped by the second corner, and then went back. It’s the fourth corner. I started well in the main event, but then I went backwards. I received cargo training and just felt like I didn’t participate in the competition. I was very frustrated with this trip, but it was just the beginning. Start here. I look forward to Dallas."

"It's great to see Chase act again. He showed good speed in practice, but he jumped twice as high and had to go to medical equipment. On the tough Daytona circuit, his calorific value ranked No. Fourth, it ranks eighth in the major events and has received considerable returns."

"I feel good and it is smooth tonight. This is my type of track, reach my goal and ride like I know. We will keep going and we are ready to fight for another top ten in Arlington next week. ."

"My night was a bit troublesome. I was in a qualifying position in the Heat game. I tried to pass the last corner and hit the rhythm zone before finishing the game, so I had to go to LCQ. I was outside the main game. It’s far away and there is no good start at all, but I just plugged in and ended up in the top ten. Although it’s not very good, it’s just a starting point. We will try to build from there and get better."

"Although the start tonight did not help me in any way, my riding skills tonight are still good. The most important thing is that I want to stay healthy and keep improving. I feel good about bicycles, and I will be able to do the next three rounds. Before the Warrington game, we will do something."

"Since I was injured earlier this year, my body has started to feel close to 100%, and the team has made some improvements to the bike. It started to move in the right direction, but this is still not my result. I am looking for. We still I was at home for a whole week and I was very happy to go to Arlington."

“It’s always been a dream to participate in the Daytona Supercross with the best racer in the world. The team is improving throughout the day and we have learned a lot. I bend down in the main event and finished 14th. I’m looking to go to Germany next week. Texas."

"I think we have made some good strides. Max had a great day and we work hard every week. We know he has not reached his peak, but there are many benefits that can be taken away.

"Of course I have to work harder, but despite this, I still like to participate in 450 racing. Although LCQ gives me more cycling time, but I will admit that all the riding exercises on the 450 I am born. My goal is to become the main one. Members, once I achieve this goal, I want to be among the top 15 so I did it, which is really great."

"It was another frustrating weekend. I felt very good in practice. I was ranked 12th. The game went very well. I felt like I had a good start in the main event until I was in The second corner was pushed away. I worked until the 12th place, and then there was a serious breakdown in one of the rhythm parts, and I was finally caught in a circle. When this happens, it’s hard not to waste time in Get on the guy in front. Improved, the bike is great, so I will take a break this week to prepare for Arlington."

"I've been here all day to cheer. My warm-up game started. I was in second place. My main game started from the outside. I scored well, but I was eliminated. In the main game, I was until about the midpoint, I was still stable, and then I got some arm pumps. I just had to work hard to prevent this, train hard during the week, and then stand up to Arlington."

"I only watched the game last year and I am very happy to be back at Daytona. Today's riding is very good. I made a mistake and was overtaken by two people, but then I went back to Ken [Roczen] and Cooper, unfortunately Yes, I started to hear the sound of the engine. I don’t know what went wrong, and I can’t move on and take the risk. I don’t know what’s going on, so unfortunately, I have to use DNF. It’s heartbreaking and I can’t believe it. These situations are difficult to accept, but we will play in Dallas for a week, which should be good."

"The 450 main event is cruel and ruthless. It's never a good thing to drop prematurely, but I went as fast as I could and even got some passes. The second shipwreck caused me a lot of trouble, and I have to call it. Fortunately, everything is gone. Injured, so I will return to Arlington."

"The weekend was a bit disappointing. I struggled on the track all day and felt uncomfortable. I started slowly and snowballed in the night race. The start was not good and I was not in a good position to get the result. It was a tough one. This weekend, I was disappointed, but I will grow. This class is very difficult, I am trying to find my place, get better, learn to bike, and let these people participate in the race. It feels like I am a little behind, but I am Progress, and will work hard to make progress. I hope to be able to drive normally on the Supercross track, because Daytona has a high speed, and I am not ready for it, either."

"The day started very well. I was the fastest in these two exercises. I stood out in a fierce competition, but it didn't go well. I have been trying to get a transfer and take it home to fourth place. In the main event, I entered the top five, and then in the third round, a hay bale was kicked out in front of me, got stuck under my bike, and put me on the ground. Therefore, I was about 21 years old. At the beginning. I did what I could. It was really difficult to pass. I only finished fourth, but I charged up the whole process and the lap time was quite stable. This is not what I want, but this is us All tonight. At Daytona, we must have been challenged. We will learn from it and participate in these rounds in Texas and prepare to win again."

"We had a difficult night in Daytona. We didn't start very well. To be honest, our bikes were not the best. We have to do some homework. We will continue to work and be in Texas. The state becomes stronger."

"At the press conference and in practice, I felt good and got a P3 result. With all the sand, we decided to stick to paddle tires. It gave up a bit at the beginning, but in other parts of the track Performance is better. Last year, I successfully made the same settings, but the track did not develop in the way I hoped. I know that I am doing better and I am not excited about getting fifth place. I look forward to Germany. Three rounds in Texas so I can put them together."

"This weekend was very good. We had a strong warm-up match and won my first warm-up championship, which was really cool. My body started to feel unwell and I felt better and better. I was in the main event. I made a mistake, which really disappointed me. I was in a good position on the podium, so I was frustrated about it. All things considered, my body felt healthy, my shoulders turned, and when riding a bicycle It feels good. This is a good, calm way to enter Arlington back to back for three consecutive rounds. I really look forward to it."

Hunters are getting stronger and stronger every week. He played a hole for the Heat and then had to start again, but he responded with another perfect start and led every lap to victory. His game started poorly, but only fell behind the top five. "

"Tonight is definitely a difficult year. After collapsing in qualifying and I am really not sure if I can participate in the remaining day, I will say that we have achieved good results. I tried my best to overcome This pain, and ride as smoothly as possible. I thank the team for all the hard work and support, and even received support throughout the injury period, so I will do my best to serve them tonight. I hope to take a break and then Return to work."

"I feel good all day and think that my riding skills are very good, especially in the warm-up race. After the results of the last race, I definitely have a certain degree of confidence, so I am looking forward to today's race. Unfortunately, The thing is, I made a mistake in the sand zone of the main event, which wasted a lot of my time, but the thing I have never done is to give up, and I have been trying to make up for my position as quickly as possible. I want to thank Mickey and With all the support provided by the entire Monster Energy / Pro Circuit / Kawasaki team so far, I'm already looking forward to lining up in Arlington next weekend."

"I struggled in practice all day. I couldn't find a real process to put the tracks together. In the fierce competition, I finished 9th and entered the finals, but I still had a hard time finding myself In the end, I ended up in 12th place. This is not where we wanted. We will go back to work and try to do better in Arlington next weekend."

"It was a good weekend in Daytona. We struggled a bit in qualifying, but in the warm-up match, we performed well. I think our speed is good. I come from a far away place and I ended up in sixth place. , So I’m satisfied with it. Overall, we had a good start and started to get involved in this field, but then we started to run into problems. I tried to make it a baby, but we didn’t finish it. Next weekend we Will do better."

"It was really cool that day! We rained and it made the track perfect. My hands were so sore, but the adrenaline started to work. In a fierce game, I was able to mix them with these guys for a while, so it felt like It’s cool. Adrenaline is mostly non-existent, and I’m much swollen, so it’s hard for me to tolerate it. I went for X-rays and there were no fractures, only some bruises, so we’ll go back and take it back to return to Atlanta."

"This is the car, things happened, but it is difficult for everyone. We finally solved the problem, but missed the main event. We can't let it drag us down, and shift our attention to the next round. "

"I really feel good participating in the competition. My speed is very good and I started even better. A little trick in qualifying brought me back to the tenth place and entered the LCQ. After the red flag incident, there were two more Good start, but eventually hit a kick and landed on the ground. It was really bad because I felt like I was riding well. I would take a break and let everyone post on my return trip."

"I was on the edge. My speed and start were very good. I let myself into the transfer position, but the danger signal did not help. I fell over at the second corner of the third restart and ended up in the first The lap is over. I am more confident that I can do the job. I just need to avoid some small mistakes."

"I felt great all day in Daytona, but unfortunately, in the warm-up match, I ran across the rhythm part and eventually fell and ended my night."

"Daytona is absolutely exciting. I'm about to participate in the night show, but it will be over soon. When you actually participate in the game, things will be different. It was a great experience, but now I just need to focus In Texas and do better. I am very happy to have the first game behind me."

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SGB ​​Racing / Maxxis / Babbitt's Kawasaki

Cameron Bushey (cooperating with SGB Racing / Maxxis / Babbitt's Kawasaki Team)

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