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10 Sustainable Yoga Mats To Buy Online Now | Urban List

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From Naked Soul. Cork is not only a super environmentally friendly material, but also becomes stronger and more durable when you sweat, and has natural antibacterial properties, which makes the mat very suitable for hot yoga lovers (or those with curved bodies. The person who drops water after the downward dog). Comes with a convenient belt, you can go to class and class easily. 

For the minimalist among all of us. This creamy white oatmeal stylish mat is made entirely of environmentally friendly materials and does not contain any BPA or latex. Your hands will like to press on the textured surface during Yin, Ashtanga or Vinyasa massage. Including an equally smallest strap. 

In the form of cushioning and non-slip surface, it provides the comfort that everyone wants in yoga practice. It is light in weight, so you can take exercise without practice, it does not contain toxic dyes and foaming agents, and it does not contain 99% latex. The mat comes in two outdated colors. The sky and acai of the universe.  

Provide clever alignment to make your yoga practice straight and narrow. In terms of ecology, it is made of recyclable natural cork and PVC-free gum without the use of annoying adhesives. Even prints are made with natural inks that can be cured by ultraviolet light. It has antibacterial, super grip, durability and a thickness of more than 4mm, which can protect those knees.

With super soothing aboriginal design, it depicts the beauty of the saltwater ecosystem. The 5mm pad does not contain silicone, toxic glue, PVC and phthalates, and is composed of natural rubber and environmentally friendly microfiber suede, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. After practice, you can wrap this beauty with the linen strap that comes with it.

. The completely non-biodegradable cushion is manufactured without the use of PVC, PER and TPE, thanks to the sticky cross-hatch design on the top, which makes it non-slip. The LovEarth yoga mat is made of natural gum and jute, and has been treated with Polygiene's OEKOTEX preservation technology, which can inhibit bacteria that cause peculiar smell. LovEarth also makes it easy to recycle old pads, with the option to tick the box at checkout to get a return label when ordering. 

Make environmental protection easier. The smooth side (perfect repair method) is made of natural rubber, while the back is made of natural rubber, jute weave and cotton combined to provide a grip texture. Although it is not suitable for hot yoga use, due to its large size, it provides a larger yoga space and is equipped with a cotton strap.

The thickness of Yoga Design Lab's products is only 1.5mm, making it an ideal travel companion. Fold it to fit in a suitcase or backpack without destroying its integrity. The absorbent top layer uses a numbing kaleidoscope design, made of recycled PET microfiber, and has a natural gum base. Spray a little water on the mat in advance to enhance the grip, and use this hand-washing gal every 3 times to keep her fresh.

It is biodegradable, recyclable and washable. Thanks to the 100% natural rubber base, it can hold the floor firmly while keeping the top of the absorbent suede sweat-free. The product does not contain PVC, silicone resin, phthalates, chlorine and other bad odors, does not emit any unnatural odors, and uses water-based inks for printing. A convenient strap is also included.

. You should feel guilty about using plastic bottles in the past, because each cushion uses 20 recycled bottles in its PVC, latex, phthalate, silicone, and glue-free design. The soft vegan suede has a strong grip, and the natural rubber bottom cushion ensures that your mat will not loosen even during the most active exercises. It is machine washable and you will also get a free carry-on strap worth $19.


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